Fluids running into your equipment mean money.

Our goal is to increase the productivity of your operation by reducing costs, increasing the availability of your machinery and lowering the environmental impact thanks to technologies and processes that optimize the fluids in your machinery. We integrate solutions into various industry sectors.

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GAF increases the availability and decreases the maintenance costs for the machinery, by implementing productive programs in systems:
Fuel sistem / Air intake / Cabin air / Lubrication / Cooling

Oil & gas


Passenger transit


Road Carrier




Power generation




Integrated Technologies for productivity


Is an advanced oil management system for diesel engines that significantly extends oil change intervals and filter life.
OIL MATE automatically exchanges oil while the engine is running, removing a small amount of used engine oil, burning it with the fuel and replacing it with an equal amount of fresh oil from a make-up tank, extending oil and filter use. An electronic control valve system is programmed for proper oil dosage interval. Easy to install and maintain. Lowers parasitic load generated by the fan clutch, up to 50 HP.

Centrifuge filters removing soot, sludge and micro contaminants from oil extend the oil change intervals in diesel engines.
The centrifuge filtration system is made of an internal rotor activated by the engine pressure and the centrifuge action separates and filters the soot and contaminants for a better engine lubrication.Life extension of engine components and oil change intervals.

The Moatti system by Alfa Laval is a high-tech oil filtering device replacing the traditional oil cleaning system in a diesel engine.
Two processes of filtering elements, full-flow and diversion (by pass) describe the functionality of the Moatti system. The full-flow elements are assembled into a disc stack and the filter elements comprise a filter frame. Driven by the pressure generated by the hydraulic oil pump motor, discs rotate at regular intervals to feed oil for filtration in 12 columns and to back flush in the twelfth; this backflush portion goes in the centrifuge, where soot, sludge and micro contaminants are separated from the oil.




Maintenance-free pre-cleaners prevent the majority of heavier-than-air particles from entering the system.
Maintenance-free SY-KLONE pre-cleaners protect your machinery and optimize results. Available in one stage (Pre-cleaner) and two stages (Optimax), yours to chose the level of protection for your equipment without impacting the environment. Expel all types of mixed debris, including mud, rain, leaves, sawdust, chaff, and dust. Work under extreme and harsh conditions.

Optimax is a two-stage maintenance-free pre-cleaner preventing the majority of heavier-than-air particles from entering the system.
Optimax by SY-KLONE protects your machinery and optimize results. It expels all types of mixed debris, including mud, rain, and leaves, sawdust, chaff, and dust. It works under extreme conditions. Dual-stage design is proven effective on mixed debris in extreme conditions.

Optiair is a technology of air filter patented by Cummins Filtration.
Optiair reduces the system size to fit shrinking engine compartments. Its two-stage air housing design extends filter life. With a lower system restriction to deliver maximum engine performance. Optiair is a small size system for a longer filter life.



Mini-Hybrid is a cooling system with high capacity optimizing the operation of your diesel-powered engine.
The mini-Hybrid is configurated according to the engine requirement and its the temperature. The speed of the cooler is monitored by a sophisticated electronic control module, depending on thecooling necessity, therefore optimizing the technology functionality and also being used as an engine diagnosis tool. In addition, fuel savings are obtained installing mini-hybrid technology.



Magnetic fuel conditioner separating mud, debris and bacterial growth and keeping your fuel storage in optimal conditions.
The Micro-Separator conditioner eliminates bacterial growth running through its magnetic field separation system as well and dirt and sludge created by the fuel polymerization causing clogs into filters and injectors. The conditioner efficiency is linked to a proper particle filtration and water separation according to specifications fixed by the engine manufacturer.



Our fuel processors offer a 99% water filtration and last twice as long as classic filters; they also remove particle and contaminants.
PRO Series fuel processors by Cummins Filtration offer a better water separation (up to 99%) and benefit from the latest Cummins Filtration technology twice lengthening the filter life compared to classic filters; they also retain particles between 3 microns and 50 microns according to every engine model..



Micro Separator is a filter for diesel fuel that separates water from the fuel up to 99, 9997% efficiency, it also separates contaminants.
Micro-Separator lasts as much time as your engine. No internal filters need to be replaced. Separates all particles and solid debris including sand, rust and sludge from the fuel and therefore protects the engine. Continuously cleans the fuel tank during engine operation. This constant cleaning action ensures your fuel supply is as pure and clean as possible. When the dirt compartment is full, simply drain the fuel Micro Separator and continue operation of the engine. Maintenance required at every interval.



Cabin air

Respa is a technology with a high air cleaning/filtering capacity in order to provide maximum air purity for every working condition and environment.
The RESPA technology provides pressurized fresh air into the cabin, insulating it and offering ideal conditions of operation. Using this technology provides maximum and effective air filtration increasing operator comfort in a clean cab free from airborne contaminants and decreasing operational costs, preventing lung and respiratory diseases.

Polar is a high capacity and heavy-duty air conditioning system able to operate in the toughest and most extreme conditions.
The Polar air conditioning systems substantially increase the reliance on your equipment. Their heavy-duty technology offers resistance and air cleanness.They can be connected to the Respa system for air recirculation and pressurization. Offers 20% more fresh air and complies with the environment protection norms.



Es un sistema avanzado de administración de aceite para motores Diesel, que permite extender al máximo los intervalos de cambio y vida útil del aceite y filtro de aceite.

El principio de funcionamiento del sistema Moatti consiste en realizar dos etapas de filtración de aceite: flujo pleno y by-pass. La etapa de flujo pleno se logra mediante discos que contienen un medio filtrante, los cuales realizan giros cada cierto tiempo accionados por la presión generada por la bomba de aceite;esta presión es aprovechada por un motor hidráulico el cual realiza el giro de los discos. Los discos son girados paulatinamente mediante 12 ciclos, en los cuales se completa una revolución entera.



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